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Our Services - Apollo Bedliners

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Boyer Mill Repair is offering the Apollo Bedliner which is a spray-on Kevlar and epoxy based protective coating that can be used on any paintable surface. This bedliner is flexible and strong, and has a non-slip surface. It also resists skidding, chemicals and day-to-day wear.

One big detriment of other commercial insertable bedliners is that precious cargo space is lost after the installation. But when the Apollo Bedliner is sprayed into the cargo bed of a truck, you get all the protection without sacrificing any cargo space. It also offers great protection against corrosion and rust and it is environmentally friendly.

The Apollo Bedliner with Kevlar not only protects your vehicle -- it improves the look and the resale value as well. It prevents corrosion and rust from forming on the truck bed and since it's sprayed on, there is no gap between the bed and the liner. It is rugged and slip/skid resistant, so your loads won't slide as much as before.

Boyer Mill Repair and Apollo Bedliner also suggest using this Kevlar-based liner for those rugged, off-road vehicles. We can simply remove the floor mats and spray the entire floor of hte interior of the vehicle. It won't get moldy or damaged by water. It makes clean-up fast and easy while it helps quiet the noise of everyday vibrations. The Kevlar ensures that your fishing gear, tent, toolbox or anything else you haul around on your weekend adventures will never scrape the liner awary from the metal.

Whether your truck is the newest model or twenty years old, it's never the wrong time to schedule an appointment at Boyer Mill Repair for us to install the Apollo Bedliner with Kevlar. It keeps new trucks looking new and brings life to older ones. Plus, because it is sprayed on and does not require any cutting, drilling or bolting, it won't affect your truck's factory warranty.

The Apollo Bedline isn't just for trucks, it can be used in hundreds of applications, including the heaviest commercial grade vehicles, to golf carts, animal kennels, and trailors. This Kevlar-based spray-on liner is tough enough to tackle any commercial application. From lining dump truck beds to tool boxes, it will always give you the protection of Kevlar.

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The Apollo Bedliner can also be used as:

     An undercarriage treatment to prevent rust and corrosion.
     A water and chemical barrier for storage area floors and walls.
     A floor treatment for kennels or other animal habitas.

The Apollo Bedliner gives you the protection, strength, durability, quality and reliability you need to keep your investments safe for years to come.
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